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What's it running?

Great low flow, all lines are open! The natural flow at Haysi is 200cfs and the Corp is releasing 64cfs from Flanagan. The add-up is 264cfs.

The Fork is running 1039.cfs at Bartlick.

This winter was rough on the gauges. The Bartlick gauge started reading about 1,000cfs over actual in January. The add-up (as of mid-Feb/'14) is the most accurate current reading. We've provided both for your gauge comparing pleasure. Always check the painted gauge on the big rock in the Garden Hole pool to know just what the flow is when you put on!

The rain gauges have been moved and extremely unreliable since the sequester. YMMV

October 2013 Schedule

10/5-6 800cfs  
10/12-13 800cfs Baddlun
Paddler's Appreciation
10/19-20 850cfs  
10/26-27 1000cfs Lord of the Fork Race

The Lord of the Fork is our annual extreme Class V downriver race in the gorge. Race history here.


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