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What's it running?

It's dry! The natural flow at Haysi is 31.6cfs and the Corp is releasing 72.0cfs from Flanagan. The add-up is 103.6cfs.

The add-up is updated hourly, so still the more accurate in real time. Always check the painted gauge on the big rock in the Garden Hole pool to know just what the flow is when you put on the gorge.

Predicting flows, especially from the dam a few days out is a fool's exercise. The best indicator of what might happen at the dam is to keep an eye on the inflow at the reservoir. The Flanagan page is an excellent resource.

October 2023 Schedule

10/6-8 800cfs
10/14-15 800cfs
10/21-22 800cfs  
10/27-29 1000cfs Lord of the Fork Race

The Lord of the Fork is our annual extreme Class V downriver race in the gorge. Race history here.

Rat Hole Reminder!!!

Public alcohol and other temptations can get you in trouble . No open original containers please. Discretion is your friend.

Please don't cut down trees, no matter how dead they look. If you see a dead tree that creates a safety issue, contact the park office and they will deal with it. Unauthorized cutting of trees on park property can lead to a $1,000 fine and a stay in the pokey.

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